Our History

Pet Guardian Angel - El Paso

Pet Guardian Angel (PGA), formerly known as Animal Alliance, was founded in the early 1980′s. Ever since inception, PGA has worked to not only rescue and adopt out animals, but also to improve the welfare of animals in the city.

In the early 1980’s, the preferred method of execution of dogs and cats at the Animal Control Shelter was the so-called “Volkswagen Engine” method. Under this method, cats and dogs would be thrown together into a large tank and exposed to scorching fumes from car exhausts until their lungs were burned out and the animals ripped each other apart trying to escape the pain. It was Pet Guardian Angel who initiated the push to change this inhumane method of killing these poor creatures. PGA was met with stiff resistance from Animal Control during this effort, and this was compounded by the fact that PGA’s efforts were denied any publicity by the local media at that time. Ultimately though, PGA succeeded in bringing about a change in the methods at Animal Control; now they euthanize their animals by a much more humane method of injection.

PGA also was influential in some of the policy changes that occurred at Animal Control. Prior to PGA intervention, it was the policy at Animal Control that ALL animals entering the facility would be euthanized unless claimed by an owner. This, of course, resulted in the deaths of many good animals who were not even given a chance at adoption. PGA’s efforts changed this policy so that now, dogs and cats can be adopted to the public from Animal Control.

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