The Tears I Shed

The Tears I Shed

When I was young,
I wept so much,
no one could feel my pain,
I hoped for a miracle,
to make me smile again.

The wish came to be,
not through love so true,
but in the gesture of giving,
as found in pet rescue.

Every furry body,
brought me happiness and love,
as if God had chosen me himself,
and blessed me with their love.

People often scoffed at me,
and riddled me with scorn,
sometimes I had to wonder why,
I was ever born.

I loved each little kitty,
everyone the same,
each one a special color,
each one a special name.
When I pass to the other side,
no children mourn me here,
but many friends, all of whom,
I feel are so dear.

At Heaven’s gates in splendor,
the portals open wide,
and there, hundreds of furry kittens,
playing there inside.

I pick up a tiny baby,
and hold him to my heart,
we never met each other,
but of each other we are part.

In lofty rooms as I pass by,
I see kitties everywhere,
they venture up and touch me,
with appreciation that they share.

The tears I shed so long ago,
are lessened now in peace,
I know the trials I faced on earth,
now will surely cease.

Everything is beautiful,
no cat is thrown away,
I think I will love it there,
a purrfect place to stay!

© Martha Williams

Pet Guardian Angel © 2017